Even before the 1849 gold rush when prospectors and Mormon colonizers passed through the “California Corridor” enroute to the Southwest, the Beaver Dam Wash was an oasis for the traveler.

  Located near the trail established by John C. Freemont it provided a watering hole for man and beast. 

  During the “Roaring Twenties” the Beaver Dam Lodge was built (1929) in the oasis as a halfway stop to provide lodging for the traveler between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. 

  It soon became a popular resort for movie stars - even before Las Vegas. Luminaries such as Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Jane Russell, Errol Flynn, Jack Benny, Wallace Berry, Tyrone Power and his Annabel found respite      here at the Beaver Dam Lodge, away from the frenetic Hollywood life. 

  During the depression of the 1930s the center room was lined with slot machines. Through the hard times when nickels and dimes were scarce, the penny machines were able to provide wages for the hired help. 

  The lodge, now restored and modernized, has maintained the historic atmosphere which made it famous. The rooms on the north wing are the same rooms that the stars of old occupied.

  The Beaver Dam Lodge takes pride in its historic heritage. Enjoy your stay with us and remember: Clark Gable slept here!